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January 2022


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January 2022

Mon January 10, 2022

Hello! Updates all around for mid-January. This was supposed to go out last week, but I gave myself a minor concussion instead.
First, the show "This is The Remix" with Oklahoma Contemporary has been moved to February 24th due to Covid-19's Omicron variant. My new piece, "F, Make it Sharp" will be premiered at that show as a stand-alone work, as well as a remix by local DJ Kora Waves and as part of an improvisation with collaborators TBD. Three performances of the piece on its' premiere! Not too shabby, right?
My electronic piece, "Service Please!" has been selected for inclusion at the SEAMUS 2022 National Conference March 30th - April 2nd at Western Michigan University. Take a listen here (and subscribe for more music! It helps a lot):
Next, "Composed in Oklahoma: 2021" an Anthology I conceived, compiled, and edited is doing well! Pick up your copy today on Amazon: I've been asked about heading up other anthology projects, and the short answer is: "Yes! Stay Tuned."
Finally, I'll be visiting Missouri to work with my old High School's Orchestra on my new piece, "Minimal Journey" in preparation for their performance at state contest (That's super cool to me) sometime in the coming months (exact dates TBD). That's exciting! Happy to be invited back to my old stomping grounds by my mentor, Andy Johnston. Take an early look at the piece here:

Zachary C. Daniels