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Winds of Time

Program Notes

Winds of Time was written in the Summer of 2016 on commission for a colleague, Hayden Iskander, who wished to program a piece of new music on his graduate piano recital in an effort to promote performing new works by living composers. As the work took shape, it developed two distinct personalities, akin to the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The first theme, a calm and contemplative Dr. Jekyll, and the second theme, mischievous and a slightly rambunctious Mr. Hyde. As the piece progresses, these two melodies take on more of each other’s traits until, in the end, Mr. Hyde wins the day. This piece demonstrates that, over time, all our best laid plans must change. What matters is how we choose to embrace, or reject, the winds of time.


Written on Commission for Hayden Iskander.


Friday, November 30th, 20188:00 pm CSTZach Daniels - Final DMA Composition Recital

Preview Score

Solo Piano

Length: 5'45''

ASCAP# 891350122

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