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When The Dust Settles


When The Dust Settles is a String Orchestra piece written in January of 2022. The work is meant to depict the American Western frontier towns of the mid-to-late 1800s, where a duel is set to take place and anticipation runs high because, when the dust settles, the future of this fictional town will be decided. This piece features a brief excerpt of shoulder knocks and palm slaps in the Cellos and Double Basses, a rhythmic drive, and exciting conclusion. Level: Intermediate


Thursday, January 27th, 202212:00 am CSTTan-Tar-A Convention CenterMissouri Music Educators Association Annual Conference

DVLB 01-1066

String Orchestra

Length: 2'40

Completed Jan 14, 2022

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ASCAP# 914711612

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