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The Tinkerer

for Bassoon Quartet



The Tinkerer was inspired by gnomish engineers, or ‘Tinkers’ from works of fiction. Imagine a workshop, with moving parts integrated into nearly every available object, and amidst the mechanical clatter of this space, we find our tinkerer at a work-table. This tinkerer, as he diligently works to finish his latest invention becomes lost, almost in a daydream-like state amidst the idea of this invention coming to life at last. Throughout this piece, you will hear a constant pulse that represents the mechanical nature of the tinker’s workspace. You will also hear minor distractions that attempt to deter our tinker’s mind. After all, distractions are the hardest thing for any creative individual, to fight when finishing a project.


Wednesday, November 10th, 20218:00 pm CSTSooner Bassooners Concert
Friday, November 30th, 20188:00 pm CSTZach Daniels - Final DMA Composition Recital
Friday, April 6th, 20188:00 pm CDTSooner Bassooners Concert

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Bassoon Quartet

Length: 6'40


Feb 17, 2017

ASCAP# 894219874

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