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String Quartet 2

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String Quartet 5 is something I composed several years ago as a personal project that was developed from an ostinato from a piece that I wrote for a commission earlier that year for the Missouri Historical Society. The ostinato I included in a portion of it sort of stood out on its own, and my teach er at the time, Dr. Sharpe, told me that I should run with it. Well, I ran with it and the final movement you�ll hear is definitely one of the coolest pieces I�ve ever written. So, a few months back, Dr. Sharpe told me to resurrect it to end this concert with a �cool, hip piece� which, looking back, does sound pretty cool, especially with the right players to pull it off. This piece is a landmark for my composition, as it is a tonal composition with some interesting takes on rhythm and orchestration. Particularly the lengthened chorale in the middle, as bits and pieces of the ostinato theme try to break out from the mold of the chorale. It represents something new trying to break free and,


Previously String Quartet no. 5, re-labelled during Zach's re-listing of his catalogue, consolidating most of his early works into sets.

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DVLB 01-1022

String Quartet

Length: 15m 00s

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