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Saxophonic Variability


Program Notes

Saxophonic Variability is written with the intent of demonstrating the full set of colors and technical possibilities of a saxophone quartet. The opening movement, slow and sombre, reminds us of the time when saxophones were first brought to the public eye regularly, the late 1800s. The continual flow between harmony, and dissonance is representative of what is to come in the remaining movements. The second movement takes off immediately, and departs on a musical journey of its' own. The rhythmic drive being heavily inspired by bebop jazz, and similar styles of the mid-twentiethcentury. Listen, as moments of solace break out in reverence of the great ballads written for the instrument by many jazz composers of this era. This movement ends as abrubtly as it began as we enter the slow, lyrical third movement. This next movement is incredibly slow, and brings out the lyrical, singing quality of the instrument given the right timbre. The piece concludes with a fiery finale that develops ideas introduced earlier in the piece.


This piece was written under the direction and guidance of Dr. Marvin Lamb at the University of Oklahoma School of Music.

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Saxophone Quartet

Length: 8m 15s

ASCAP# 891350057

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