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Recycled Material


Program Notes

Recycled Material is a sonic journey, taking existing material, and turning it into something new and robust. The piece utilizes sounds recorded at a recycling facility to further this idea. The concept of recycling material is by no means new, even in music. We often find that the best compositional moments stem from recycled musical material, either through direct repetition a la minimalism, by recapitulation, or even quoting an earlier work. In this particular work, we hear the sounds of glass shattering, plastic bottles getting crushed, and compressors…. compressing. Listen, as the piece recycles these recognizable sounds into something new.


Software Used

Pro Tools, Max 7

Hardware Used

Recorded using two Zoom H6 units, with both X/Y and Mono microphone attachments.

Sounds Used

Recorded in conjunction with Kyle Vanderburg at the Tulsa Mass Recycling Center (Tulsa, Oklahoma) in June of 2016. Sounds used include shattering glass, popping bottles, conveyor belts, trash compactors, workplace safety sirens, garbage trucks, and more.

Fixed Media

Length: 6:12

ASCAP# 891350124

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Further Information

For all inquiries regarding this piece, please reach me at and mention the score name you are interested in.