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Quartet for Excelsior


Quartet for Excelsior was written as an experimental piec in early 2017. This piece uses graphical notation to represent sound, and features the application "Excelsior" (also by Zach).

Excelsior is a tool for composers to write laptop ensemble music with. It allows people to design their own instrumental timbre with an intuitive interface that requires no programming knowledge to learn. The application is a tool, which can be used for traditionally notated music, graphic scores, improvised performances, and anything else the composer or performer has in mind.


Friday, November 30th, 20188:00 pm CSTZach Daniels - Final DMA Composition Recital

DVLB 01-1048

Laptop Ensemble

Length: 6'27"

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ASCAP# 892094812

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For all inquiries regarding this piece, please reach me at and mention the score name you are interested in.