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A New Way of Composing


Polyphinite is an experiment in a new composition style/technique that focuses on maximizing existing material within a composition. Each solo piece within the work, titled Polyphinite [#], functions as a solo piece of music. For the second tier of compositions, the duet layer, a duet (designated as Poliphinite [D# - #] is comprised from two of each possible combination of the first tier, the solo layer. This composite is the result when performing two of the solo tier pieces at the same time, using the same time constraints. This pattern continues as far as the composer cares to go (my goal for this experiment being a quartet), yielding a final tier, Poliphinite X. This final tier can be simply at the duet level, if only two solos are written, or as far as an octet if eight unique solos are written in this manner. Using this method of composition, a composer could theoretically write a full band piece giving each performer a unique part that, in a smaller setting, would act as either a solo, or as part of a trio for timpani, flute, and Bass trombone. The more parts written yields more challenge to the composer, requiring higher and higher degrees of fine tuning and attention to detail.



Polyphinite 1      S1                           Solo Cello

Polyphinite 2      S2                           Solo Flute

Polyphinite 3      S3                           Solo Violin

Polyphinite 4      S4                           Solo Bb Clarinet

Polyphinite 5      (D1-2)                      Duet for Flute and Cello

Polyphinite 8      (D1-3)                      Duet for Violin and Cello

Polyphinite 10   (D1-4)                       Duet for Cello and Clarinet

Polyphinite 6      (D2-3)                      Duet for Flute and Violin

Polyphinite 7      (D2-4)                      Duet for Flute and Clarinet

Polyphinite 9      (D3-4)                      Duet for Violin and Clarinet

Polyphinite 11   T1(D2-3)                   Trio for Flute, Violin & Cello

Polyphinite 12   T1(D2-4)                   Trio for Flute, Clarinet & Cello

Polyphinite 14   T1(D3-4)                   Trio for Clarinet, Violin & Cello

Polyphinite 13   T2(D3-4)                   Trio for Flute, Clarinet & Violin 

Polyphinite X                                      For chamber Ensemble [Flute, Clarinet, Violin & Cello] 

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DVLB 01-1046

Chamber Ensemble

Length: anywhere from 5m - 1h 15m

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