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Liberation of Kharkiv

inspired by the late September 2022 Ukraine Counteroffensive in the Russia-Ukraine war of 2022


Liberation of Kharkiv, written in early October 2022, is a reaction to the heroic counteroffensive by Ukraine’s armed forces launched in late September 2022 as part of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. It is also a sort of sequel to Prayer for Peace (2022). The melody, as it unfolds, is representative of Ukraine’s forces nearing their goal and as we finally hear the full realization of the melody at rehearsal G we reach the moment of liberation. Though this is not the end, as each fight continues into the next and each victory, though joyous, is but one part of a larger offensive.

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DVLB 01-1074

String Orchestra

Completed Oct 10, 2022

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ASCAP# 918159971

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