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Free Flute!

A work for Unaccompanied Flute


Program Notes

Free Flute! is an exploration in extended flute techniques. The piece focuses on the idea of metamorphosis. After a brief introduction, the firsty iteration of our three note motiff is introduced to begin the first melodic phrase. This three note gesture is what drives the piece forward and, throughout it's changes, explores all the possible registers, modes, and techniques used in this piece. Listen, as this simple, three-note gesture takes on unique voices and characters of its own as the piece unfolds.


This piece focuses on extended Flute Techniques found in Robert Dick's, The Other Flute, available on special order from the publisher. This piece is to be interpreted freely, unless otherwise marked.

Preview Score

Solo Flute

Length: 3m 20s


Sep 01, 2015

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Further Information

For all inquiries regarding this piece, please reach me at and mention the score name you are interested in.