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Fluid Reflections

A twelve-tone, fugal palindrome.


Program Notes

Zach has gained a reputation writing for flutes and, as such, received a commission from Annie Brechbuhler for her senior recital. She wanted something fugal, that she could perform with her friend and colleague, Emily Keeling. When she also expressed her fascination with twelve-tone, Zach conceived of an idea for fugal twelve-tone flute duet. This idea gained more complexity when he determined that, since all twelve-tone sequences have a mirror, somebody could easily palindrome a twelve-tone composition. The end result is a flute duet accompanied by piano that is a contrapuntal palindrome for two flutes and piano. This piece showcases the abilities of two flutists across the spectrum of tonality, melody, rhythm, and technique. In the piece, Zach weaves tone rows between the flutists as the piano accompanies them in a fugal style. The turning point in the palindrome is a sea of sixteenth notes and heavy rhythms in the piano. After this turning point, the piece gains excitement

DVLB 01-1029

Flute Duet with Piano

Length: 6m 00s

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