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Descent to Madness

An experiment in Extended Flute and Piano Techniques.


Program Notes

Descent to Madness is a solo Flute piece written for Flute, Piano, Marimba, and assorted percussion that was written Zach Daniels on commission by Emily Keeling for her senior recital. This piece was a challenge to write, as he had to push himself into new bounds and even had to innovate a few new ideas for piano/percussion. The opening melody is written in a more classical style with some interesting twists in it that forecast the rest of the piece. The piano part descends with the flute as if the flute is dragging them down as well. The flute solo adds more complexity and extended technique as the piece progresses to simulate more madness as the flutist departs from classical styles of playing and descends into madness. The end is the acceptance of having descended and, in the end, acceptance of a New Beginning.


Demonstration of the piano technique used for the ping pong balls can be found here: Prepared Piano - Ping Pong Balls - YouTube

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Chamber Ensemble

Length: 7m 00s

ASCAP# 913458068

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