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Prayer for Peace

for Victims of the 2022 War in Ukraine


Program Notes

This piece, written roughly one month into the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, was written in reaction to the tragedy as it continues to unfold on international news. The piece, a simple prayer, is offered as a brief moment of solace in the wake of the senseless aggression and atrocities being committed. It is my hope that this piece might touch those affected, and encourage us all to offer up a simple Prayer for Peace.


Score video is available here:

If you are interested in performing this work, but do not have a budget to do so, please reach out and let's make it happen anyways! #Ukraine #United


Saturday, May 21st, 20227:30 pm CDTSt. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Oklahoma City, OklahomaUkraine Benefit Concert

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DVLB 01-1068

Chamber Orchestra

Length: 7'40

Completed Apr 09, 2022

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Further Information

For all inquiries regarding this piece, please reach me at and mention the score name you are interested in.