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for Double Bass and Piano


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Nocturne for Double Bass and Piano is a high-energy piece that, despite its intent as a solo for double bass, often acts as an engaging, collaborative duet between the two instruments. The runtime of 5 minutes contains an extended, unaccompanied bass solo as well as several soloistic piano excerpts all with varying time signatures and shifting rhythmic patterns that keep listeners engaged. Nocturne showcases a wide range on the double bass, reaching up to high D as a peak, with long, sustained tones, fast-paced bowed and pizzicato sections, and a variety of scalular and jumping passages to showcase the versatility of any intermediate to advanced bassist.


Friday, March 24th, 20238:00 am CDTCMS Couth Central
Friday, November 30th, 20188:00 pm CSTZach Daniels - Final DMA Composition Recital

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DVLB 01-1043

Double Bass and Piano

Length: 5' 14

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CMS South Central 2023

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ASCAP# 892094730

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