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Weathered Time

A sonification of 200,000 years of Climate History

Program Notes

Weathered Time is an adventure through the climate history of our planet. The piece is driven by two data sets, Carbon (C) and Temperature (T). There is a third data set, Year(Y), which is used purely as a reference point for the listeners. The Data moves forward at a continuous pace, as our planet does so through time. This allows the listener to identify points of interest in the data sets. Carbon provides us a 'Climate Melody' and Temperature generates both the fast-paced 'pings' as accompaniment, as well as the low-register drones. As temperature rises or falls to either extreme, so will the assigned pitch. The same goes for Carbon. Listen, as Carbon resonates more as it rises and falls with greater speed. The piece opens and closes with the resonant frequency used to generate Carbon and, as the piece comes to a close, we hear the frozen, wind-sheered ice shelves of the Arctic Circle.


This piece is part of the Climate Etudes project by the New Improv! Century Ensemble (N!CE) at the University of Oklahoma, in collaboration with the National Weather Center. More information on this is available on the relevant research page here!


Saturday, December 5th, 20156:00 pm CSTUniversity of Oklahoma, Catlett Music Center, Pitman Recital hallMasters Composition Recital

DVLB 01-1036

Live Electronics

Length: 6m 30s

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