Short Biography   

     Zachary C. Daniels received a BA in Music, with an emphasis in Composition and Double Bass performance, from Drury University in 2014. His music has been well-received at events across the midwest, particularly in capstone recital events when performers want to play something new and fun. He is affiliated with such organizations as ASCAP, SCI, and CEC to name a few. His music always leaves the performer, and audience wanting more. Zach received his Masters degree in music composition from the University of Oklahoma in May of 2016, and is currently pursuing a DMA in music composition.

Full Biography

     Zach Daniels, a native to Springfield, Missouri, has had works performed in 8 states, where his music has been performed by groups at many schools and Universities. Zach started his musical journey halfway through 6th grade, on Cello. Although initially a poor player, he continued on Cello through high school. In 9th grade, he was given an assignment in his orchestra class to write an 8 measure solo for cello and perform it for a grade. He immediately took off, writing a 31 measure Cello solo, (the most his free software would allow!) and taking off from there, self-taught. His director learned about his compositions a year later which lead to his first composition premier, September 11th in May of 2008. After this premier, he was directed to go Study under Carlyle Sharpe over at Drury. Since then, he has written over 200 works including; 5 Symphonies, 5 String Quartets, and a short one-act musical. His music employs ensembles ranging from Cello Duets and Solos, all the way to full symphony orchestra plus chorus. His primary instrument as of late is the Double Bass, having played it for the Springfield Youth Symphony and also served as Principal Bassist his senior year at Glendale High School.

    Zach earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition at Drury University, where he performed in both of the Universitiy Orchestras, two Jazz ensembles, and  the Wind Symphony. Other performances included student recitals, musicals, and freelance gigging. He continued to play cello in small ensemble settings, although preferring to play Double Bass as his primary instrument of choice. Zach has also become an adept conductor in his own right, preferring to conduct his own premiers feeling that the best way to control how a new piece will be received is by being on the podium. His music is very popular with performers looking to end their capstone recitals with a bang, as he has already writtenfor several and is currently writing more on request. Outside of the university setting, his music has been recorded in studios in Branson, MO and commissioned by such organizations as the Missouri Historical Society. As a senior composition major at Drury University, Zach was required to host a concert of his own music on campus and did so, even managing to premier three new pieces, and bringing back old favorites such as Descent to Madness, and the finale from his fifth String Quartet. His Senior Seminar project culminated in his writing a gargantuan symphony, Galaxy which was presented as a Sib7 sounds realization to astounding reception from fellow composers, friends, and University faculty.

    Shortly after graduating from Drury University, Zach moved to Norman, Oklahoma, where continues his studies at the University of Oklahoma School of Music, where he currently serves as the school of music's composition area graduate assistant. He received his Masters degree in music composition from the University of Oklahoma in May of 2016, and is currently pursuing a DMA in music composition. Zach continues to advocate for new music everywhere, and runs the "Composing Tomorrow" new music series, as well as spearheading the new "Oklahoma Student Composers Workshop Event," a one-day workshop focused on exposing composers to other people's music not in their immediate area, and gaining valuable insight from colleagues at other institutions.

    Aside from composition, Zach is a large advocate for music education and even presided as the founding president of the Drury Music Alliance, a brand new music advocacy group at Drury University. He also enjoys architectural design and building computers for personal use, as well as friends and family. His most intriguing hobby, however, is his continuous maintenance and improvement on his own set of Mjolnir Armor from the video game franchise "Halo."