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Zachary C Daniels

Composer, Entrepreneur, Educator, Bassist

Zachary C Daniels is an award-winning Hispanic-American composer and sound artist currently residing in Oklahoma City with his wife Ashlie. He earned his DMA in Composition in 2019 from the University of Oklahoma School of Music where he served as composition area GA, running the composition department's events, day-to-day activities, and more for 5 years. His music is typically very energetic, pulling in aspects of minimalism and experimentalism. Works such as Service, Please! or Nocturne for Dice have been accepted to national conferences, while pieces such as Time Will Decide for Wind Ensemble have won awards.

In addition to composition, Zach is an expressive and energetic conductor, as well as an active performer on Double Bass and Cello. He also gives lessons in composition and on several instruments.

This website hosts many features including, but not limited to: a full catalog of works to date, an up-to-date events list, access to recordings and biographies, and a personal blog, Fragments where I post things about my life as a composer.

Research is another frequent activity for Zach in fields including American music, extended technique, improvisatory music, and several composers' work such as Elliot Carter and John Cage. His primary research endeavors are currently aimed at "Polyphinite," a new method of composing music in the 21st century for which he is working on his first book.

Zach also runs Divisi Labs, a company featuring services for music transcription, web development, music publishing, and other creative endeavors. This website, and others like it, are hosted using software by Divisi Labs called 'Polyphony' that aims to make life as a composer easier.



Now on SMP Press!
October 01, 2021

Zach's music is now also available as an easy downloadable product at SMP Press, find his music here: The list will grow a few pieces at a time, and pieces with this availability have a purchase option available on their webpages. Physical copies will still be available for purchase directly, and the Divisi Labs storefront will open soon.

Accepted Temp Position
July 13, 2021

After a long year of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Zach has been offered a temporary position teaching Music Theory, Choir, and Music Appreciation at Harding Charter Preparatory High School for the months of August and September 2021

Finished the D.M.A.
May 11, 2019

I've finished my doctorate at the University of Oklahoma, and am beyond excited about what lies ahead both within the greater field of composition and my academic life.


Composing Tomorrow
Apr 07, '19 at 06:00 pm
DMA Composition Recital
Nov 30, '18 at 08:00 pm
New Century Improv Ensemble
Nov 30, '18 at 06:00 pm